Anime style game Exaella OVG is 3D scrolling pazzle shooter

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[Exaella]"   Original Video Game

New game for windows pc and iOS

Anime style game Exaella OVG

A 3D side-scrolling shooter game where you must
guide the chief operator through the dark corridors
of the Xonasu. On the way, you must solve multiple
tasks, gather resources, defend itself and the others.

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The plot of the game is the alternative version
of the events from the animated film Exaella OVA .

Game Scene : Transmitter
Game Scene: Transmitter
Game Scene : Satellite Control
Game Scene: Satellite Control
Game Scene : Leaving the Gateway
Game Scene: Leaving the Gateway
Game Scene : Entering Gateway
Game Scene: Entering Gateway
Game Scene : Portal
Game Scene: Portal
Game Scene : Awakening
Game Scene: Awakening
Game Main Menu
Game Main Menu
Exaella Game Teaser Trailer
Exaella Game Teaser Trailer 2017
Link Logo to Exaella Anime Game on VK Play

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[Exaella] "   Game story:

The planet, shrouded in a never-ending slumber, now finds itself in the pathway of a wandering, interplanetary creature, whose emergeny stopping brings an impenetrable stillness to the world. The inhabitants of the planet have a last chance to find salvation before the inevitable collision will occur…

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Exaella Game Character 1 Exaella Game Character 2 Exaella Game Character 3 Exaella Game Character 4

[Exaella] " The Supreme Operator

You must lead the Supreme Operator through the corridors of the Artificial Sleep Centre to send a distress signal. But be warned: all is not what it appears to be in the darkness.

More about Exaella and the story can be found on
[ Official Website of Exaella Anime ]
[Exaella] "   Game status:

Exaella 1.1.0 is released!

Version changes:
  • New terminals added. Now you can see the Xonasu Complex through the CCTV cams with the information about the entire complex and recover the health.
  • More info/explanations added.
  • Overall speed up of the game elements such as menus movement, player turning, aim-to-fire transitions and enemy behavior.
  • Skip enemy ability added.
  • Cutscenes skip implemented.
  • Many of characters animations are renewed or replaced.
  • New voices sounds added.
  • Many of game sounds renewed.
  • Boxes are now renewable for more ammo and food.
  • Randomly appearing enemies on the return passed level added.
  • Few airborne enemies added.
  • Stress condition added. Less stress - faster recovery inside the terminal.
  • The karma behavior is corrected. The more karma – the more chances to survive if the health is near to zero.
  • Game view became brighter.
  • The main menu active button highlighting added.
  • The active areas of the buttons are now enlarged for easier control.
  • 'Always run' with the Caps Lock key added to PC version.
  • The minimum iOS version has been increased to meet the new iOS/API requirements.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Overall improvements.

Updated on 28.03.2020

iOs version of Exaella game is released on the App Store!
The game available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.
We hope you enjoy the game!

Updated on 26.06.2018

iPhone adaptation of the Game Exaella OVG is started.
After adding mobile control to Exaella OVG, the game will be released on the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices.

Updated on 17.05.2018

Windows PC version of the Game Exaella OVG now on Steam. Many thanks for those, who has waited and support Exaella.

Updated on 01.05.2018

Currently the game Exaella OVG is in final stage of development and we're work hard to make the release candidate version of the game completely stable and ready for the release.

Updated on 30.03.2018