App | NAKANO Stereo Cassette Deck Simulator
Игра в стиле аниме | Посетить
Realistic cassette deck simulator for iOS,
with the ability to create, sign, organize
in the rack, your own cassettes from
the iTunes. Created for fans of
vintage recorders.

Your delight begins the moment you first launch the app. Every detail has been carefully designed to recreate the actual feeling of listening to your favorite music on bygone audio cassettes.
There are esthetics in every detail. Even those details that are not visible at first sight,
have been tailored to correctly reflect and refract the light.
Bright and realistic recording level indicators on the deck,
as well as analog arrow volume indicators create
the complete illusion of listening to music on the real device.
The set includes 3 colors for the deck and amplifier panels: Grey, Silver and Gold.
Two colors for the legs: Silver and Gold. Decorative wooden side panels.
Concealable power cord and signal wires.
Complete kinematic simulation of the tape mechanism.
Power supply simulation for each system block.
Smooth and realistic volume control.
Switchable kinematic sounds and tape noise.
Realistic cassette behavior.
Ability to sign cassettes.