Cute Night Light will turn your iPad into a beautiful night-light with a teddy bear to keep away the darkness while falling asleep.

You can tie a ribbon on your teddy bear, give it a magic wand, sit it on a pillow, or change the color of the lighting and the flashlight.
The are 2 different colors available for the lighting, 3 colors for the flashlight, 3 colors for the ribbons, 2 colors for the magic wands and 2 colors for the pillows. The app has three wonderful lullaby tunes written specially for the Cute Night Light by composer Andrew Oudot.
While the app was being developed, particular attention was paid to the simplicity of control and convenience of use in addition to the aesthetics. For example, to change the brightness, just tap the teddy bear’s flashlight and swipe up to increasethe brightness,
or down to reduce it.


Simple player control
To turn on the lullaby tune, tap the bottom-right corner of the screen and you will see the player. Tap the note button and the lullaby tune will start playing. The room will be filled with soft light and a sweet melody. One minute before the timer expiration, the screen brightness and the volume of the lullaby tune will slowly fade to silence.


Simple timer control
To set up the timer, tap the bottom-left corner of the screen and you will see the timer. Tap the timer center and swipe up to add time or swipe down to reduce the time. The minimum timer setting is 5 minutes, the maximum is 1 hour.
We hope this app will bring more joy and comfort.

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of illegal sanctions of the west, we are no longer able to host and maintain our apps on the App Store. However, your purchases will remain available on your smartphone by the following path: App Store > Top right icon (Account) > Purchases > My Purchases \ ..