Nakano for iPad
Tap POWER on the cassette deck and amplifier.
Tap the lower left corner of your iPad screen to open the cassette rack.
Tap the blank space on the cassette rack for the "+" icon to appear.
Tap the "+" icon for the catalogue of new cassettes to appear.
Choose the desired cassette and tap the "+" icon at the top right corner of the
cassette for the cassette inlay to appear.
Tap "add" for the song selection dialog to appear. Choose a track or an album
and confirm your choice.
Tap the "V" Icon to confirm the cassette creation.
Open the cassette holder by pressing the EJECT button.
Tap the cassette of your choice for it to appear in the cassette holder.
Tap the bottom left corner of your iPad to remove the cassette rack.
Tap the cassette holder cover to close it.
Press the play button and adjust the volume with the volume control knob.
Download Operating Instructions pdf