Frequently Asked Questions

NAKANO cassette deck for iOS           NAKANO Mk2

Q:   I've launched the NAKANO App and it doesn’t start. It’s been showing a box after a long time.

A:   Please slide your finger from left to right along the scotch tape to unbox NAKANO.

After unboxing, you can also hold your finger under the amplifier to call the help icon "?".

Q:   I see the box, but I can't open it.

A:   Please make sure your device is at a normal scale and is not zoomed.

Please go to: Settings \ Display & Brightness \ View \. Then switch from Zoomed to Standard mode.

Q:   I've installed one of the NAKANO apps, but I can't see any track in my library.

A:   The current version of NAKANO can play only local tracks from the local library only. Due to technical limitations, NAKANO does not support the playback of streaming or DRM-protected content such as iCloud, Apple Music, Wi-Fi, CarPlay, and so forth. You can upload any non-protected tracks for listening from your device.

Q:   There is no sound at all. Please help.

A:   Please make sure that the amplifier is on and its volume is more than zero.

Also, make sure you've granted permission for the app to access to the iTunes library.

Q:   I've noticed some hiss sound between songs. Can I disable it?

A:   The App is mixing-in the tape noise by default to make it sound more realistic.

You can toggle the THS system with the remote control of the deck. For more details, see the NAKANO manual.

Q:   What should I buy to remove ads?

A:   You can purchase any in-app item to remove ads.

Q:   Do I need to buy in-apps for my other devices too?

A:   No. Just log in under the same account and press the Restore Purchases button on your other device.

Q:   I can't find any in-apps after reinstalling the App.

A:   Please press the Restore Purchases button in Options to restore them.


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